Thursday, June 30, 2011

From the Past to the Present

     As you have seen from my prior posts there is a long history of agriculture here in Alberta. Since settlers started moving here back in the mid 1800's things have come along way. In this day an age any average farm is a modern business. Since the old days technology has come along way and a farm needs to have access to everything that makes it a bit easier or economically friendly. To be progressive a farm needs to be on the leading edge whether  it's putting in embryos or artificially inseminating cows to GPS systems in tractors to seeding from a plane farmers need to live in a modern world to survive.
The Modern Farmer 
    Around YV Ranch we try hard to keep up with the new technology to get a head in out purebred operation and save money in a commercial operation. In the picture about my Dad, Nels is using his Iphone to look up a bulls pedigree. Our farm does all our cattle and calving records on Smartphones which ads the data online and therefor can be pulled up on any computer. 


Jent said...

Your doing a great job blogging - I don't always have time to read everyday but when I do have time I always go back and read what I have missed! Can't wait to see what else you blog about!

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