MY Blog and I

About me      
 Hi all, My names Hal I am 19 years young. I have gown up on a family farm just outside of Airdrie Alberta called YV Ranch. Our farm was named after the area in which I live, YV is a acronym for Yankee Valley. It's called Yankee Valley because in the late 1800's many Americans migrated here from the midwestern states. Our Brand as well is a Y over a V, and sorta looks like a arrow.
           For the past 100 years my family has had a large commercial heard of cattle, in the more recent 35 years have had purebred horned herefords, and for the past 7 years my  brothers Adam and Coleman and I have started breeding, showing and selling show steers and heifers. 

     I am currently going to school at Mount Royal University in my first year in the Factuality of Engineering. I don't really know what the future will bring, but i am sure it will lead me straight back to where I started, Agriculture!

        Now a bit about my blog

      I created 'A Day in the Life' to express my feelings about agriculture to the world. I feel for a long time Agriculture has been left in the dark, its such a fast pace life for most people they don't take the time to think how all the food in the grocery stores got there, let alone how it was produced. I am here to open peoples eyes, if nothing else. whether you are from down town LA or from the heart of Beef country my blog will have a little something for you. 

    My belief is that a blog should be about your true thoughts and or feelings, I make a promises  to you, the reader that no political slander or biases  towards a individual will be portrayed.  

    I feel that a Blog should be a short easy read that doesn't strain your brain, Because many times less is truly more. 'A Day in the Life' will have many interactive posts and I expect you, the reader to  feel free to express your opinion.