Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Family Farm

      In 1878 Hank Redlin and his newly weeded wife Bernese Redlin bought 2 tickets to the 'new land' where they would hopefully start a family and a new life. Hank was seventeen and Bernese was a mear fifteen when they arrived in Quebec in the cool fall. They waited the winter in Quebec city until the following spring when they headed west for their destination, unknown.  Sixteen weeks later they arrived in what is now known as Alberta, bought twelve acres from the land and forest agency for two buck's an acre and started a farm, a few years later had children. Their farm grew for the next 96 years until saddle it faded away like many other old time farm's.          

My Great Aunt, Uncle and Grandpa as Children '37

Our Farm Bringing in the harvest '79

Out Sale Line up at Calgary Bull Sale '92
Branding '01
       In the past young individuals could start farming new, these days it is a bit different it seems as tho to start farming you have to be born in to it, while only able to survive with growing big. I am lucky enough to have grown up on my families 5th generation farm and be heavily involved ever since a child. With the years, rural communities have become further and further separated from urban that it is critical that people are educated on the many aspects on agriculture. 

Photo shoot, with the grandchildren '98


Julie Rowlands said...

Hi Hal, Lovely to see the pictures of your family,I enjoyed seeing the old photos, and hearing about the history. enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work! Best wishes

Tina Aiono said...

Great stuff Hal, real interesting history about your famz.

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