Monday, June 27, 2011

More Pictures From The Past.

My Grandma Hilda was reading my blog and liked the old pictures I had up. She thought she might have some pictures to add to my blog. When I looked at the pictures I loved them and had to put them up.

Scandinavian friends gathered for a picnic, what neat old Cars.

Birgitte Opsal and her dad Herald Opsal my Great Great Grandpa and Great Grandma in front of their grocery store in Calgary.
-Early 1920's

Thrashing the Bundles to get Straw and Grain, a lot of Hard work on the farm North East of Airdrie

2 Ladies in Mile long potato field. Notice the Skirts!
-Late 1920's

My name sake Halvard Kolstad working the land for potatoes, Tractor got stuck,
had to use the team to pull the tractor out

Loading Bags of Potatoes in sacks to take to the city a 2 day trip.
-Late 1920's

My Great Grandma and Great Uncle Earl sitting in Grain Stooks.

Auction mart for local produce to be sold or shipped away, Calgary.

Potato Picking crew

Friends going on trip to Big Hill Springs, look at those solid rubber tires. Everyone needs a little fun!
-Late 1920's

Its amazing how far the advancements in technology has come. Farms have grown larger, work has gotten easier, but nothing would have been accomplished with these early settlers pioneering the way for the future generations. 


Terri Mappin said...

Awesome old photos ... and wonderful pieces of history!

Jent said...

These photos are amazing- how great that you have them and they are a part of your history!

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