Thursday, May 05, 2011

About me and my Blog.

    About me      
 Hi all, My names Hal I am 19 years young. I have gown up on a family farm just outside of Airdrie Alberta called YV Ranch. Our farm was named after the area in which I live, YV is a acronym for Yankee Valley. It's called Yankee Valley because in the late 1800's many Americans migrated here from the midwestern states. Our Brand as well is a Y over a V, and sorta looks like a arrow.
           For the past 100 years my family has had a large commercial heard of cattle, in the more recent 35 years have had purebred horned herefords, and for the past 7 years my  brothers Adam and Coleman and I have started breeding, showing and selling show steers and heifers. 

     I am currently going to school at Mount Royal University in my first year in the Factuality of Engineering. I don't really know what the future will bring, but i am sure it will lead me straight back to where I started, Agriculture!

        Now a bit about my blog

      I created 'A Day in the Life' to express my feelings about agriculture to the world. I feel for a long time Agriculture has been left in the dark, its such a fast pace life for most people they don't take the time to think how all the food in the grocery stores got there, let alone how it was produced. I am here to open peoples eyes, if nothing else. whether you are from down town LA or from the heart of Beef country my blog will have a little something for you. 

    My belief is that a blog should be about your true thoughts and or feelings, I make a promises  to you, the reader that no political slander or biases  towards a individual will be portrayed.  

    I feel that a Blog should be a short easy read that doesn't strain your brain, Because many times less is truly more. 'A Day in the Life' will have many interactive posts and I expect you, the reader to  feel free to express your opinion. 


john said...

Im from Queensland Australia, I have been the the Calgary Stampede numerous times and have Seen this same farm sign before there. if i could recall you had a few horned hereford heifers.
well anyways the blog looks good, keep it up, we will make sure to stop by your stall again if we decided to return to Cow Town for the Stampede

Gina said...

Hi Hal,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed looking through yours. I grew up in the city of Dublin, Ireland but spent lots of holidays on my uncles dairy farm in Cork. I loved the farm life, it was hard work but very satisfying. Keep up your blog writing. I look forward to reading more!

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