Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

In the past two weeks my cousins Sarah and Jenna Nixdorff were lucky enough to have two spring time presents. They are furry, long legged and go neigh! Can you guess what they are?

Yep your right 

Baby foals, and for all you asking what a foal is, its a baby horse.
-This little guy is a colt(a baby boy), is palomino colored
and is of the breed quarter horse, my cousins plan
 to train here and use here on the farm.

-This little girl is a filly, she is bay colored, 
and unlike the the first foal is of the breed thoroughbred.
They have great hopes for her. If all goes well she will
have the same love to run as here mom and maybe 
be a champion race horse.

Both these new little bundles of joy as you can see are quite cute and surprisingly both have not been named yet.  My cousin are finding this task very difficult, so they asked for your help, they want you to name them. So if any one has any good names for them let me know, leave a post  and I shall pass it on to them :) 

And just maybe you will be the proud namer of one of these fine foals!


Down on the Farm said...

Me & my sister can't decide whether to name the palomino Acappala or April! If everybody could give their input that would be great! At the end of the month we will decide & Hal will tell you our chosen name for her!

Wanette Harris said...

They are just ADORABLE!!! I'm a huge horse fanatic and owned 2 palominos a few years ago. My gelding was called HONEYBOY ... maybe a name your cousin could consider for her beautiful colt.
And by the way ..... I just LOVE your blog!!! Looks like we've got a lot in common ....

Hal said...

Well thank you, I will let my cousin's know about the name Honeyboy, it sounds like a great name!


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