Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Smart Choice

Did you know ninety nine percent of the beef you buy from the grocery stores has four owners or more! The farmer who raises the cattle, the feeder who fattens the cattle up, the packing plant who processes the beef, and the grocery store who markets the beef. When ever the beef changes hands, money does as well, causing a inflation in the prices.  What many people don't know, that many farmers and produces sell beef direct in bulk. This can save the consumer up to fifty percent cost, putting MONEY back in to YOUR POCKET. Our farm has been selling custom beef for the past fifteen years. From neighbors to our doctor, dentist, and electrician they all love it and keep coming back for more. A neighbor that bought their first beef off us says "The steak is unreal, its like eating at a fine restaurant every night." All beef is all natural, hormone free, and only feed natural grains and forages. All beef is aged for twenty one days, for maximum tenderness and taste. As well, customer opportunity to pick the cuts off beef you would like. What an opportunity, saving money while buying a great healthy product. For any questions you can ask me to find out more!


Anita said...

very nice your post! Here in Brazil the farmer earns very little, losing all the money to agribusiness... I hope we learn fast!
Anita: www.valvulaaberta.blogspot.com

Sandii said...

where are you located????

Anonymous said...

Our farm gate pork sales are the only thing that keeps food on our table some times. The packers certainly don't worry about the cost of production for farmers. They pay as little as possible and there is nothing we can do. Another good thing you forgot to mention is that when buying directly from the farmer you can be sure what the animals have been fed AND you can be sure you are actually eating Canadian meat. Here in Ontario most grocery store meat is American (with all the junk they are allowed to give animals).


Hal said...

Sabdii I am located just outside of Calgary Alberta Canada, Anita and fletchingtonfarms thank you for your input, and those are very good points you make.

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Hal. We are quite different in what we blog about, but this post of yours reminded me of my childhood in Texas. I grew up in the city, but my dad was a country boy and he liked to buy a 'side' or a 'quarter' of beef. I remember the beef arriving - all wrapped in butcher's paper and labelled and then filling our freezer. The worst part of that was when the freezer door was left ajar soon after it was re-stocked! Those were the days!

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