Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Down fall of the Canadian Wheat Board

In 1935 the Parliament of Canada created the Canadian Wheat board, the main purpose of the Canadian wheat board was to give farmers across Canada the same fair prices for wheat and barley. The wheat board was a useful tool for many years to help farmers market the grains they harvest, producing tremendous profit. 

Fleming Saskatchewan, built in 1895
Since 1935 Canadian advancements in transportation and technology has come along way.  Recently many farmers feel that the Canadian wheat board has been more harm than help, it is a monopoly, there for no wheat or barley can be sold through any other companies for human consumption. These days many farmers feel the Canadian wheat board has been giving producers the short end of the stick, not giving fair prices for their crops. just last week the conservative party of canada was voted in to the house of commons with a majority number of seats. The agriculture minister promises there will be changes done to the Canadian wheat board, most likely being abolished. When this happens many farmers will rejoice with the happiness of freedom to sell their wheat or barley to whom ever they would like hopefully creating a stronger market with more opportunity. The future is looking bright!

Present day, southern Alberta 


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Your blog is well designed with lots of pics and great content!

sue said...

well Hal - have a look on the Net about the Australian Wheat Board debacle of a few years ago - what is it with these organisations?! I too live in an agricultural area (vines though not broad-acre farming) and would love to see some of the countryside around your way, so when you get time post some pics!

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